I’ve decided to make a regular post of the new music I have been listening too in the previous month. This hopefully will provide readers with an idea of what new music is out there, to supplement their own trolling for new music, as well as an indication of possible reviews that will appear on this blog. I say possible reviews as there is no onus on me to write a review if the new music doesn’t merit one. So to that end this is what has been put through the headphones last month. I should mention the system being used has been System C, as I’ve been on the road for the month of May (see Listening Gear).

In no particular order :

  • Hidden Hands – Jen Cloher and the Endless Sea
  • Early Summer – Amaya Laucirica
  • Sail Becomes a Kite – Bank Holidays
  • Great Escape – Custom Kings
  • Memphis Blues – Cyndi Lauper
  • Fantasies (expanded edition) – Metric
  • 2010 Demos – Throwing Muses
  • Shooting Doves – Unlikely Superheroes
  • Single Twin – Single Twin

After looking back at the list there are quite a few primary female artists in there, with four out of the nine or 44% of the group.