I was going to review another band however it was similar to the last review so I thought I’d go with something a bit different. That postponed review will be up next time. This time a five piece band GroupLove from Los Angeles, USA whose members came from the corners of the globe. Well, two came from New York (Christian and Hannah), one from London (Sean) and two from Los Angeles (Andrew and Ryan) and they all met in Greece. So close enough. They released their five track self titled EP in November 2010 which is the subject of this review. I should mention that they have a full length album Never Trust a Happy Song which is to be released this September. Two of the songs, Colours and Naked Kids, from GroupLove EP will be re-released on that album.

The first thing that one notices about this GroupLove EP is its energy. Even if the rock genre is not your style, you can’t help but admit that these songs are delivered with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm, right from Colours, the opening track, till Don’t Say Oh Well, the closing track. This energy comes with a warning, it is infectious, so buyer beware. There should be a sticker on the CD cover. Another aspect of theses songs is the mixture of tempo on just about all of the songs which is a refreshing listening experience. No need to listen to the same tempo for the duration of the song and the album, which happens on so many current bands albums. In the long term this sameness certainly taxes the concentration. So that is another plus for the album.

The opening song Colours is the one that brought GroupLove to my attention and it is a great opening track. There is some very interesting repetition in this song that is very different to the usual practise of running out of lyrics and repeating the chorus or a single line ad nauseam to fill the three to four minutes required duration. Have a listen and see what you think. As mentioned previously there is good tempo variation, starting from the the simple instrument introduction of Colours to the sudden full band coming in, to the female backing vocals in some of the quieter passages. It works and it works well. Also there is some good playing of the guitars and in particular the drums. They “call it life”, such is listening to this track, so “do it for sweet life” and enjoy it. The second track Naked Kids is good rollicking fun and sounds like the Beach Boys rocked out on steroids. The intro builds from the use of clapping and an acoustic guitar into the full band. An interesting and catchy intro that does exactly what is required of it, grab your attention which the rest of the song does for 3 minutes and 28 seconds. Love Hannah’s great timing of “oh” in this song. Listen for it, it is worth it. This attention to detail is rewarding! Of course there is a repeat of all this on the their forth coming album.

Gold Coast, the third track isn’t unfortunately about our Gold Coast in Queensland, but it doesn’t matter. This song is a bit slower in tempo than the first two tracks but has an impressive heavy drum that grabs your attention. Another aspect of this EP there is something different in all these songs. However at the end of the track there is a sudden change in the effect as things become muddier with the upper registers being suppressed. Not sure it that is intentional or a recording artefact, though it does continue on the next track Getaway Car. Another good track with a infectious melody (as is the case with the other songs). Again this song has another interesting instrument that is hard to pick and is probably electronically created, however it sounds like the old washboard in folk bands. The last track is Don’t Say Oh Well that again has a catchy melody, the tempo variations, the energy and some tongue-in-cheek fun. Christian sings that his band mates are his soul mates to which the others reply “thank you”! Cute but memorable.

So it is time to go out and have a listen to the GroupLove EP, you wont be disappointed. There is good variety here, lots of fun, catchy melodies and some good timing along with some influences like the Beach Boys and the Pixies I’d say. So if any or some of this hits a resonance with you get a copy of the EP and wait patiently for the debut album in about two months time.

Sonics: 3.9/5  Music: 4.5/5